Thursday, 20 February 2014

Төв Азийн шинэ байлдан дагуулалт

1919 онд Монголд хийсэн экспедицийнхээ үр дүнгээр бичсэн амьтан судлаач Др. Рой Чапман Эндрьюсийн (Roy Chapman Andrews) тэмдэглэл дэх дараах өгүүлбэр надад таалагддаг:

Today there are only a few million Mongols in a country half as large as the United States (exclusive of Alaska), a great portion of the male population being lamas. With no education, except in the books of their sect, they lead a lazy, worthless existence, supported by the lay population and by the money they extract by preying upon the superstitions of their childlike brothers. Were Lamaism abolished there still would be hope for Mongolia under a proper government, for the Mongols of today are probably equals of Genghis Khan's warriors in strength, endurance and virility (Boone 1994: p.71).

Andrews, R.C. The New Conquest of Central Asia: A Narrative of the Explorations of the Central Asiatic Expeditions in Mongolia and China, 1921-1930. New York: Hillhouse, 1932