Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Цөлжилт, элсний нуудэл. Монголчуудийн нүдээр

Энэхүү илтгэлийн 32-р хуудсан дээрх зураг, дараах хуудсан дээрх цөлжилтийн шалтгаан нь уул нь нэгийг бодогдуулахаар баймаар. Бид сууж байгаа мөчрөө өөрсдөө хөрөөдөөд байх шиг.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Mongolia's mining wealth is cause for concern

The parties didn't promise new schools or economic development or a brighter future like in most political theatre. During election campaigns in Mongolia, parties promise people an exact amount of money. So if you voted for the ruling party you are promised a lump sum of cash, and when they win, you get your money. Where do many unemployed struggling city dwellers invest their money? Vodka. The city has a staggering level of alcoholism that if you walk the streets, you will surely encounter.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Who invented free trade?

Who invented free trade? Was it the British Economist David Ricardo (whose masterful explanation of the principles of comparative advantage has become a text book favourite for economic students ever since)? Well, Ricardo may have advocated free trade in theory but its origins in practice come from a more unlikely historical source. On a recent trip to Mongolia, the airport economist learnt that it was in fact the famous Mongolian war load Chinggis Khaan, who can in some way, claim to be the father of free trade.

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Их хүссэн хүнд төрийн болон бизнесийн жолоог бүү атгуул

Эрх мэдлийг улайран тэмцэж авсан хүмүүс анхнаасаа эрх мэдэлд ойртох ч ёсгүй хүмүүс байх нь олонтаа . Эрх мэдлийг эрмэлзэх нь ихэнхдээ ам...